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The Science

Saturday Skin is born from Korea's world renowned CHAUM health and beauty centres, frequented by the worlds most discerning clientele - Eastern Royal Families and Western Celebrities.

We designed Saturday Skin to erase the signs of age and extend skin’s youth. Saturday Skin is the result of decades of cutting-edge research revealing the connection between women’s biorhythms and the ageing process. 


Established in Seoul and LA, clients travel from across the world to access CHAUM’s coveted youth enhancing knowledge and science. Due to overwhelming client demand CHAUM developed the Saturday Skin collection to capture the extraordinary anti-aging effects of CHAUM Treatments.

Now you can experience the transformative benefits of the World’s most renowned wellness centre everyday from the comfort of home.

CHAUM - the power to age beautifully

CHAUM - marries traditional eastern medicine and cutting edge research to preserve youth


The Golden Phase

We identified a unique phase in women’s internal rhythms that promotes external radiance, vitality and youth. Dubbed “The Golden Phase”, this period fosters bright, fresh and new skin and ed to the development of a proprietary formula, the Cha-7 es complex™, which activates the skin’s own naturally occurring regeneration process to extend this optimal Golden Phase continuously. Instead of fighting ageing, it preserves your youth!

Saturday Skin helps you stay in your Golden Phase at every age and promote flawless skin from within.  

Cha-7 is an advanced age correcting formula developed to activate your skin's own naturally occuring regenerative power